“A LESSON OF HUNGER!” a poem August 9, 2018 – Thor’s Day.

With her love, I DIE (pause) and-am-re-born;

She waits! She strikes – me-down. (pause) The Norm!

I could not ask for anything-more,

Her insane jealousies are what I bore –

Her death-grip will choke my life away,

And then we’ll kiss, in-this certain way,

As her elixir issues forth,

Such nourishment – secreted North.

PERPETUAL HUNGER! She laughs at me;

No other way, could all this be!

She says: “Be hard,” when love’s so soft;

Her fragrant bubbles – gently waft,

And, in this stupor, the nectar fills,

Me – to-saturation, and-my-Spirit-thrills,

For life, for death, within her reach!


fin. ❤

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