Dearest friends of the blessings of the Holy Spirit, You have accepted the God of love and have become one through your beautiful spirit. Now all need to offer this love to others so they will rise above the earthly love which is throughout history has blinded all to the real love from which all were created. Even when we look at the life of Jesus he was put to death because of the vast majority of people could not accept his teaching about love and the connection to God. It was the people who yelled crucify him. Today its the people who still dont understand what heavenly love is. they are aware of third dimensional love and feel that is the answer. But the world has thought this for thousands of years yet nothing changes. Now around the world there is a wildfire sweeping around the world to all who are praying and calling for enlightenment and they are showing that they have opened their hearts to something much higher in vibration for they know they have found Love and the heart tells them so. Not the Head. Mans righteousness is but dirty rags for it has been enslaved by the blindness of the fallen ones. O beautiful ones my tears I offer to our God of love as my desire to see all awaken. So be it. Blessings. Luke Le Bree.

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